Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well my dear big beautiful friend was just approved for surgery to loose the weight (sorry name has left my brain) anyways since I have known her some 15years she has told me "if I looked like you I would run around 24/7 in a thong" <---yeah right. Since she was approved I have been teasing her that I want to see her in a thong once its all said and done cause she said she would you know :P She is very excited as I am for her so this is the card I made for her. Does the "congrats" look like a tatoo??? its suppose to :S Oh and the card is just the bum I just put black cardstock to block out the background its not apart of the card, and is made from george and cds :D Love that program. I got the idea when I read a challenge on gramma's blog for a humors card so thats gramma for inspiring me to do this for my dear friend

Monday, March 10, 2008

Kids Room

Its done Its done!!!! I think for now anyways :D wanna see??? wanna??? wanna? well ok but only cause you asked nicely.