Friday, April 24, 2009


I did it!!!! I found time to scrap :D This is my 1st entry to 52 sketches. Havent heard of them? click the blinky to the right. I have decided in order to get myself motivated to get things done rather than just shop that I am going to start joining some of these challenges online. So far so good lol. Hopefully if I keep at this at LEAST one challenge a week I might be caught up by 3009 :S. Anyways engough jibber jabber back to the LO. This is one of my fav pics/memories of my dd chasing pigeons down grand beach, such a beautiful innocent site. I am so happy with how this turn out, what do you think???? Cuts and font (black rose) are all scal, pp is mostly autum leaves and I believe the stamps are fiskar. Look at that I even journalled IN MY OWN WRITTING!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by xoxo ~Brandilynn