Sunday, May 29, 2011

Angry Bird

Tues is my sons 7th birthday, he is constantly stealing my ipod to play angry birds, so I made hime this birthday card. Personally I dont "get" angry birds, I only got the app to see what it was all about, maybe I am not one of the "kewl kids" but I just dont see the appeal, and I would really like my ipod back, is 7 too young for their own ipod???? lol
Happy birthday is a digital stamp I created
Angry bird is SCAL by me which you can find HERE

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Heather said...

Great card. Nope, 7 isn't too young for an ipod (if the child is responsible enough). My 2 year old loves to listen to mine. She has a little fisher price mp3 players she drags around and calls it her ipod.

janet dycus said...

i would love this file and the valentines card one went to download it and it said the file is not valid can you help me please

Trina said...

I would love to have this file, but I too get the message. Can you please share this with me? Thank you